Oh my God. My mom was right about everything.


When it hits you, it really hits you. It wasn’t when I became an adult. It happened after my first child was born.

I realized the (sometimes painful) truth that my mom was right. About everything.

She was right that there is no rule book, or even cliff notes, on how to raise a child.

She was right that when you watch a movie, you suddenly start identifying with the mom character.

She was right you shouldn’t give your kids everything they want all at once.

She was right that you’ll find Play-Doh years after it’s been played with, and in places you didn’t think it was.

She was right that skipping that nap was a bad idea.

She was right that sometimes you’re lucky to get them to school. Bonus points is they still have their shoes on. Extra bonus if you got shoes on them in the first place.

She was right that if one gets sick, you’ll all get sick.

She was right that you’ll never know exhaustion like a mom with a cholicky baby.

She was right that too much candy is a bad thing. The same goes for cake and cookies.

She was right the smell of throw up will never fully leave your car.

She was right that it takes a village… And sometimes a small army.

She was right that your kids would be payback for the childhood you led.

She was right you’d worry about the unknown. All. The. Time.

She was right that you shouldn’t dye your own hair, unless you are blessed with those skills.

She was right that sometimes all you need is chocolate.

She was right that your marriage would change when you have kids, and that you’d have to make time for each other.

She was right that it will be hard, but you’ll learn to balance it all.

She was right that hell hath no fury than a mom whose kids are threatened.

She was right that you’ll never pray more than you do for your kids.

She was right that there’s enough love for your spouse and however many kids you decide to have.

She was right you’d never go to the bathroom alone.

She was right that you’ll understand why mamma bear’s porridge was cold.

She was right that they grow up too fast.

She was right that you have to soak up every moment.

She was right your instincts carry you a lot of the way.

She was right you’ll feel every bump, scratch and boo boo.

She was right that you’ll find your groove and your mom group – both are irreplaceable.

She was right that you make it up as you go.

She was right that it’s worth every minute.

Happy Mother’s Day, mom. You were right.

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