Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat: A recap of the PR News Big 4 Conference

I had the privilege of speaking at the PR News Big 4 Conference this week in San Francisco.

First, San Francisco is not a bad city to have a social media conference. There’s plenty of amazing food and wine. Because wine. Plus, I was singing this song the entire flight here (and yes, it was the Benny Benassi remix version):

In the tech mecca, fresh ideas are abundant and it’s an excellent place to channel my inner geek.

I’ve included the full Storify recap, but here were the major takeaways, along with a few of my personal thoughts:

Let’s be real. SEO can be a pain, but it’s the way to get your messages seen by the masses. You Google. So do reporters. So do every day people. So fix your SEO.  

I’ve preached this one for years. Just don’t.

It’s your baby. Don’t kill your baby by suffocating it or abandoning it.

 Fail fast, but know enough to measure it so you’ll know if it worked or really failed. You should have the freedom to try new things. Social media is ever evolving. If it works, great! If not, that’s fine too. Just know how to tell the difference.

Your employees are your greatest asset. Teach them, then trust them.

Listen. Engage. Act. Acting is the most difficult part. It’s also the most rewarding.

And then of course, this selfie happened.


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