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Brand Socialites Summit, CPR and virtual hugs

The second day was much like the first – incredible. In case you missed the first day, it’s here.

On day two, we were still standing.


We kicked off the morning talking about career paths. The big question: Are we all destined to become consultants? For some, maybe. But we are in a wonderful industry that lets us mold our careers.

Also, you should interview once a quarter, even if you aren’t planning to leave. It helps staff weed out the people who are going to jump ship any way, it tests your skills and keeps you aware of what’s out there.

Executive sponsors are the lifeblood of a successful social media program. We are too.

A lot of tools are similar, you have to find one that fits your organization’s needs and culture.

Influencers are fantastic to boost affinity for your brand. Treat them like people, because they are.

Target social ads with your own data, with other people’s data… but always target and test variations of the creative.

Facebook works well for pre- and post-event pushes, but experiment with Twitter, Periscope and Snapchat during.

Considering we’re leading social media for some of the largest brands in the country, there was little tweeting and a lot of connecting. Sometimes it’s great to disconnect, and be present.

For the recorded story of tweets (because like I said, we weren’t much for tweeting):




We decided to have a BS Summit

So I’m in this group… for brands… and social people… and it’s awesome.

About three years ago, the Brand Socialites thought it would be a good idea to plan a summit of the some of the brightest minds in brand social media.

Yes, it took us three years to plan a Brand Socialites Summit. Don’t look at me like that. We’ve been busy.

So finally, we’ve pulled it off (well, the first day anyway). And we gave it the hashtag #BSSummit.

Because, why not?

And here’s what we learned…

In the future of social, don’t be afraid to try to new things and adjust your tactics accordingly. We’ll continue to learn from one another, as we should.

It may also include cat videos.

Create a content strategy which uses social listening and supports your business goals. Never stop asking questions.

Also, Post-it art is awesome.

Photo from demilked.
Photo credit demilked.

If your hair is on fire, don’t stop talking to your consumers. Even if your answer is, “We’re investigating,” at least you are communicating.

No response is a response.

Online customer service is a spectator sport.

When managing a team, pair your junior staff with more seasoned staff – both can learn from one another.

Also, this from Ben:

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 11.16.32 PM

For the full story of tweets:


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