Stay At Work Mom’s 2015 Holiday Gift Giving Guide!!!


I have the luck of having my birthday in November, followed by M’s birthday a few weeks before Christmas, then Christmas. So our birthday/Christmas wish-listing and shopping starts early.

Like many parents, we try to follow The Four Gift Rule with the kids.


Along with this, we spend the holidays (and throughout the year), finding creative ways to give back… but that’s for another blog post.

Take a peak at my holiday gift giving guide below.


Chef Inspired Spiceologist Block – $159.95

I have an obsession with test tube spices, and this one is beautiful!




Apple Watch with the Antique White Sport Band – $349.00


I realize I’m Captain Obvious here, but this watch is legit. With the latest upgrades, it keeps track of how much you move – and hopefully gets you moving more too.



A Deep Tissue Massage – $60-$200


Let’s be honest. A massage is a great gift for anyone, at any time. Find a great massage therapist in your area and go for it.



Tory Burch Minnie Travel Flat – $225.00

travel flat

These travel flats fold up nicely in your purse or bag, and will keep your feet happy when heading from the airport to meetings or around town. The come in a variety of colors too.



Joyfolie Emerson Boots – $59.99


Joyfolie has a great selection for beautiful clothes, boots, shoes and accessories for little girls. It’s sugar and spice and everything nice.


Goodnight Books – $9.95

good night

I tend to pick these up in the airport when I’m traveling, but they are available at any bookstore. The kids love Goodnight Books. They have them for states, major cities, mom and dad, etc. They are perfect for your toddler or preschooler.

The second best meal I’ve ever eaten

I love food – all kinds. I’ll try just about anything at least once. And I’ve been lucky to eat some amazing food from various corners of the world.

Some time, I’ll tell you about the best meal my husband and I ever had. It was in Italy. And it changed our lives. (If you want to cheat, it’s Locanda Cipriani).

The bar was set almost a decade ago. And it was set so high, that no where came close until this summer.

My husband and I typically vacation in Aruba.

We leave the kids with the grandparents. They need a break as much as we do. Plus, they come back fully-sugared and completely played out. We’ll take them to Aruba when they are older. But for now – their vacation itch is easier to satisfy.

Any way, we tried 2 Fools and a Bull this year. And it’s official – it’s the second best meal we’ve ever had. Although part of me wonders if my memory of Locanda Cipriani has grown over the years. But I’m a sucker for risotto, so probably not.

Since I don’t want to plagiarize myself, you can find my original Trip Advisor review here or below.

You know that place that you compare all other restaurants to? Every time you have a good meal, you think, “It’s good, but it’s not XXXX.”

This is that place, and the bar is set high.

We had the privilege of dining here last week. (Granted, we got reservations about four months in advance). Our foodie lives are forever changed.

Some of the courses were things we would never think would be good together – like the avocado and cornish hen appetizer – but together, it made for a delicious and refreshing course to start the meal.


And the veal ravioli with truffle sauce… when you make your reservations, ask for that. Trust me.

Each course is plated in front of you, and the kitchen is open for browsing, photos or watching in awe as Fred turns out beautiful and equally delicious courses.


But that’s just the food…

When we arrived, the fools welcomed us into what felt like their home (actually the location used to be a home). Paul kept us laughing through the entire night, and kept the wine flowing like any good host. We felt like good friends over for a dinner party with a comedian as your host.


They even nailed the details – from the decor on the walls to the chalkboard nameplates.

We loved every minute. We’ll definitely be back.


I want to hear from you. Tell me about the best meal you’ve ever had.

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