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The day my Fitbit died

I’ve had my Fitbit for about a year now. At first, I refused to challenge friends. After all, getting active should not be about competition. It should be about staying healthy and active, and living the new American dream… That lasted a few minutes.

Then, the challenges began.

First, it was innocent. Let’s compare steps!

Then, it became all out smack-talking – which included a little bit of not updating the tracker until everyone else went to sleep. Then, time zones became another issue (I tend to go to bed early, so my steps are done early too).

But when I was in Chicago, my Fitbit band broke… the week before SXSW. For those of you not familiar: SXSW is a interactive, film and music festival in Austin, Texas every spring. Around 30,000 people come from across the world to partake in the sessions, networking, concerts and parties. Since there are typically not that many people in Austin – I think ever – you walk. And I mean tens-of-thousands of steps each day.

So, the week before SXSW, I sent a frantic tweet to Fitbit to ask about getting a replacement band. They kindly replied and replaced it. But it arrived after I had made the trek down south for the weekend.

All those steps, lost.

I learned a valuable lesson that week: If your Fitbit isn’t working, the steps never happened.


I mention this because now it’s really broke. #nohope

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