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Kids’ TV shows that should make a comeback

I realize that TV has become a bit taboo when it comes to kids, but let’s be honest. It would be nice to take a shower once in a while; and a TV show is an easy way to buy yourself some rare and treasured time alone. By alone, I mean alone for five minutes… followed by a series of “Mom, I need more milk…” “Mom, I hungry…” “Mom, my show’s over, can you start a new one?”


My kids engrossed in an episode of Mister Rogers

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Well, you get my point.

When I was a kid, TV was better than it is today. I was captivated for hours – that is, minus the period of time when I only watched commercials (it actually makes sense why I went into communications now). The shows I watched then, I carry with me today. I’ve found myself telling my kids about them, and have even dug up a few, in all their 80s glory, to share the experience with them.

I recently introduced my son to Doogie Howser when he wanted to be a doctor for “character day” at school. I loved the nostalgia, but think it was lost on him.

Here are a few shows I think should make a comeback:

1. Fraggle Rock

This is one of my husband’s favorite shows as a kid. Jim Henson brought us the muppets, and kept going when he created Fraggle Rock. The songs… the crazy, furry characters… the drama. Similarly to Sesame Street, the show dealt with difficult issues in a fun way.

But have no fear – I heard this one is coming back in movie-form. We have Joseph Gordon-Levitt to thank for this one. Maybe they’ll tackle what happens when mom’s caffeine has run out.

2. Reading Rainbow

This one was kind of re-booted a few years ago through in an app; and then in 2014, a Kickstarter campaign raised funds to make the app available on the web and streaming devices. Who doesn’t remember LeVar Burton? While I was really confused why he could see on Reading Rainbow, but wore crazy glasses on Star Trek, he was a great story-teller.

Everyone poops. This is important stuff people!


4. Punky Brewster

I had a purple vest just like Punky’s. She was spunky, to the point and super cute. Weren’t all 80s girls like this? At least we tried to be.

When it makes a comeback, they should totally cast Elsie Fisher, voice of Agnes in Despicable Me.

5. DuckTales

My mom taught piano while I was growing up. And for years, she taught at my grandmother’s house in a nearby town. So after school, I watched plenty of DuckTales. I’m pretty sure there was nothing to gain from watching this, but it was definitely entertaining – and for that reason alone, it should make a comeback.

6. Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood

This one is hands-down, my all-time favorite. My kids watch the originals and love them. Although, I once had to explain 8MM film, and immediately felt old. Fail.

I realize they’ve tried to re-boot it with Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, but it’s not the same. I miss his calmness, his clever sweaters and the old wive’s tale that Mister Rogers’ used to kill people with his bare hands.

Nonetheless, he was still awesome.

Which childhood re-boot would you like to see?

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