That time we used YouTube to fix the water heater

I should start off by saying hubs and I are not very domesticated.

I’ve tried my hand at Pinterest crafts and have created a handful of Pinterest fails.

Now that we have that out of the way… Shortly after we bought our first house, our water heater stopped working. Several calls to my dad later, we decided we should check the pilot light.

… Where is that?!

So, to YouTube I went. As my husband was crawling into the small space that contained our water heater with a lighter, I grew a bit nervous that he might blow us both up.

I found a video that showed how to fix a water heater pilot light without blowing yourself up. I stood as far away as possible, but close enough he could see my iPad.

Crisis averted. The pilot light lit. We didn’t become homeless. No one lost their eyebrows.

I was reminded of this story today when I read a new report from Think With Google. It says:

Today’s moms want show-not-tell answers in the moment.

And my silly story is a great example of that. If we can’t figure it out, we’ll Google it or look for a YouTube video on how to not blow ourselves up.

The report goes on to discuss how we should build content strategies to win moments that matter. There are moments in the customer journey that can act as a tipping point or a turn off. If you can win those, you have a new customer.

From the report:

Few moms have time to scour a dozen fashion magazines for the latest trends, or test drive a dozen different strollers around the store (while their toddler is crying). Instead, in those I-want-to-know, I-want-to-buy, I-want-to-domicro-moments, they’ll often turn to YouTube. Today’s moms want show-not-tell answers in the moment. And YouTube delivers.

It’s no wonder the most popular channels are those that focus on “how.”

The takeaway: Use your YouTube content strategy to teach moms how to do something in that micro-moment, and you’ll build a stronger following and more passionate consumer.

Let the cultivation begin!

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