The Balancing Act: How to Juggle it All Without Burning Out

Finding inner peace

Do you ever feel like you can’t juggle it all? It’s easy to feel guilty when you are parsing out all your time to everyone and everything in your life.

A few months ago, I was burned out. The constant juggle of everything in my last left me feeling like someone spinning plates, and I was terrified dropping all the plates I was spinning.

I found consolation in this book: The Juggling Act: Bringing Balance to Your Faith, Family and Work by Pat Gelsinger.


Here’s a few things I picked up along the way:

Always be clear on your priorities

Set expectations with your work on what you can and cannot do. Of course, sometimes you’ll have projects where you may miss a ballgame, but it should never be the standard. Your faith and family are the priority. Fight for that balance.

Be present when it’s family time

In our connected world, it’s easy to check your phone. My Apple Watch is always buzzing alerting me to what’s going on in the world. But my family deserves my complete and undivided attention. When you get home from work (except for extenuating circumstances), plug in your phone in the other room and walk away.

After the kids go to bed, it’s fine to jump online and check on things. But teach your children to be present. What you do in moderation, they will do in excess.

Develop a personal mission statement

I’ve heard about this, but never created one until I read the book. If you thoughtfully create and refine your mission statement, you’ll always know if you’re being true to yourself. Any good project has goals and measurements, your life is no exception.

Create a support system

Whether it’s a conversation with your spouse after the kids go to bed, or your closest friends over lunch, you need support. It takes a village, and that’s OK. You don’t have to retire your “Supermom” status if you ask for help. I promise.

Take time for yourself

I have trouble with this one. I feel guilty for not spending every second with my family outside of work. But to be the best Stay At Work Mom, you need to take a few minutes for yourself. Use the time to pray, meditate, grab a coffee, work out, get a pedicure… Whatever works to refresh yourself.

What are your tips for living a balanced life?


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  1. Hey Krisleigh!
    Thanks for writing this post. I just read this article in the WSJ about parents and how work is bleeding in to family time. There are three ‘types’ of parents…I’m not sure where I fall in the range. I’m lucky enough to be at a great company with great co-workers. After 5 PM, I can easily switch off of work mode and not need to check email in the evenings…unlike my last position.

    I thought it would interest you!

    1. Thanks for sharing, Jason! Really great article. It’s important to find that balance, but it’s often hard to do, especially for those of us who can’t turn it all off.

  2. Another tip: one tactic I use to separate work and ‘life’ is having a separate work phone. That way, I can switch it off and not see work email on my personal device. For me, it sets a boundary to force me to be off when I need to be off.

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